Where are you shipping from?

Texas, USA

Do you ship worldwide?


How long will it take for my order to be shipped?

The process will take 3-14 days before it gets shipped. Shipping will take 3-7 days for U.S. orders and 14-30 days Internationally. 

I made a mistake on my shipping address! What do I do?

Don't freak out I'm here to help! Just contact me as soon as possible! Please have your order number on hand. It will be too late if the item is already shipped and I will have to charge a re-shipping fee. So please double check the shipping address is correct!!

Do you combine shipping for multiple orders?

Yes! If you’d like to combine shipping please contact me through email ASAP!!

What is the pre-order process?

Pre-Orders are usually used to fund production of items that are costly. Depending on the cost, there will be limited spots available to reach the goal for production of the items. I will be giving extra goodies to those who preorder! The duration of production can go from as short as 15 days to possibly 2 months. For plushies it can take from 2 to 4+ months. If you do not want to wait that long for your item, please do not preorder and wait for the stock sale. People who preordered will be first priority in shipping and getting firsts on the high grade pins/items.

If you cannot wait or are impatient, please refrain from purchasing and wait for the stock sale. If you order an instock item with a preorder item, I will hold onto your instock item and ship out once the preorder item is finished and delivered to me. 

What is Pin grading?

Pin Grades are how good or “perfect” the quality is. 

Grade A pins are “perfect” nothing is wrong with them! No scratch or fade of colors! 

Grade B Pins have minor mostly unnoticeable flaws such as small scratches, dust particles in color fillings or small buffs. You can’t really see them unless you closely inspect them. 

Grade C pins have very noticeable flaws and will always be cheaper! Usually with Grade C and below I will try to sell in goodie bags for a low price!!

Seconds pins have noticeably flaws. They either have a missing filling, discoloration, and was given to me with wrong colors (mistake made by manufacturer) 

What does Booboo mean?

For plushies, Booboo means noticeable flaws. Flaws can be crooked stitching, uneven limbs and/or crooked embroidery. 

Pre-Orders are sold out! Does that mean I can’t get the item?

Don’t worry! Preordered items are used to help fund production but there’s still more stock to come for the stock sale! So if you missed preorders keep a close eye to my social accounts for the next update on when I’ll reopen the store for stock sales!

Is it ok to Order in stock items with Preorders?

Yes! I will hold all your instock items until your preorder item is ready to ship. If you wish to get the instock items faster then please make separate orders from the preorder items.